Hello YouTubers, You can easily earn 50% more revenue using Vidinterest

Here at Vidinterest, we have been working on something that will help YouTube content creators increase their earnings with the Videos they upload. We came up with the idea of rewarding our Video Curators with the views generated by the videos they curate. This feature was limited to our staffs until yesterday.

If you are a curator and have a good audience online, you can easily make some money with Vidinterest. All you have to do is, apply for Verification from your setting page. Once, we verify your information you can start earning with the videos you curate.

On YouTube, 1,000 USA views on a video monetized by roll-out ads, you could earn $5-$8. On Average, you can earn $0.80 per 1000 views with banner ads. (source — Quora) . Videos added on Vidinterest can make similar earnings like in YouTube as ads appear on Video player, also with extra Vidinterest Earnings.

Only with banner ads, with 2000 video views, you can earn estimated $2 with YouTube and when views are generated in Vidinterest with the same video, you can earn extra $2. In total, you can make $4 with 2000 video views.

You can earn 50% more revenue from YouTube videos using Vidinterest.

As we all know thousands of Videos gets uploaded on YouTube every day. It can be nearly impossible for average users to find interesting videos when they are not exactly sure what they are looking for and just want to see something good. A good video curators can find the good video, creatively title the video in an informative way and share it with the audience they have. We are inviting such video curators to join us and become our verified curator.

We at Vidinterest are working on creating a good community of Video curators so that more users can easily discover interesting and good quality videos online.

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