Earn money online by Sharing YouTube videos

Vidinterest is not just about curation and discovery, it is also a good platform to make money online by sharing videos. It is a platform where you can write a review or a story of YouTube videos and earn money online.

For content writers - If you are good at writing content, you can review YouTube videos on Vidinterest. Find interesting videos on YouTube, add that video to Vidinterest with Unique Title and Description. Start earning by sharing the video on social media. You can earn $1 for 1000 video views.

For Content creators — YouTube channel, we can help you make the views on your videos more valuable. On Vidinterest, your video content can help you earn $10 every 10k video views and also increase the number of views substantially.

If you have a good number of followers on Facebook or Twitter, you can earn money online with your Facebook page or Twitter account using our platform. But to get started, you have to start curating videos and apply to become the verified user on Vidinterest.

If you are good at storytelling, you can also apply for the verification. 

It is very easy to be a verified user to start earning. Here is how
  1. Create an account on Vidinterest.
  2. Create your 1st Playlist - Make sure your playlist name looks interesting and you have the description posted.
  3. Add 1 or 2 videos to that playlist with the good title and description
  4. Apply for Verification from your account settings page.
  5. We will manually review your application and approve within 24 hours. 
  6. If we verify your account you will start to see "Earnings" in the menu. 

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